Player Characters
Anlaf: The eldest son of the widow Helene he is apprenticed to the village smith.
Ester: Younger sister to Ylva, daughter of Birgit and Ulf she is apprenticed to the village weaver.
Ylva: Daughter of Ulf the hunter and Birgit his wife she is the heiress of her house.
Stigr: The only son of Erland the trader.

In the time of Ysgramor when the wrath of the five hundred companions had been full wrought the northlands had peace for a time. The memory of the old land, Atmora still dwelt in the minds of many men and women. But alas, they could not return to their ancient home for it had become too cruel even for the hardest of their people. So the men of Atmora apportioned to themselves land on which to settle their clans and raise a new generation, one born of the new land, Skyrim. One such settlement, a village called Dovre home of the Bright-Hand clan, lay on the southern slope of the Jerall Mountains, the frontier of the northmen’s land and a vision of the old country as it had been in ancient times.

Of Men and Mer

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